About Us

The Autokontinent company was established in 1997 in St. Petersburg. It started as a wholesale supplier of spare parts for European cars. Nowadays we can proudly be considered as one of the top aftermarket automotive spare parts wholesale distributors in Russia. Our clients can find spare parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in our assortment and since 2013 we are developing truck and moto line.

Our company has two warehouses in St. Petersburg and Moscow, headquarters are located in St. Petersburg. We also have offices in European and Siberian regions to support our clients throughout Russia.

The Autokontinent company is an ATR member.

We see our mission in making collaboration with us as comfortable as possible for our clients. To achieve this goal, we concentrate on six principles:

  • Constant assortment enlargement

    We offer our clients everything they need, from a small bulb to a turbocharger. Also we always allow them to choose between the premium products from OEM suppliers to cheaper alternatives from other aftermarket suppliers.

  • Excellent logistics

    We deliver goods to our partners from door to door absolutely free of charge. Today we regularly deliver ordered goods in over 60 cities in Russian Federation, not only in our domestic North-West region of Russia.

  • Frontline IT solutions

    Our online portal is one of the best in our industry. Our clients can receive anything they need in a few clicks, from a simple stock or price information to access to full catalogue of any brand or some specific technical notes.

  • Advantageous financial conditions

    We try to manage special financial conditions for every client. We always try to propose conditions that will suit exact business profile of specific client.

  • Guaranteed product quality

We offer guarantee for any product we sell, without any exceptions.

Our assortment includes over 100Т000 references in stock, covering a full range of automotive spare parts, from bulbs to engine parts for European and Asian cars. In concordance with our mission, our brands are mostly concentrated in premium and middle segment. Most of them are OE manufacturers.


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